Sailing Holidays in the Caribbean Islands & Sea!

Welcome to Caribbean paradise!

Yacht Sailing Charter Holidays in Caribbean

We are glad to announce new sailing destination at “Sailing Holidays in Caribbean”. Ready to make your journey to the Caribbean Islands? You not only rest there, but feel the whole charm of that heavenly corner of the earth, taking the full from your vacation. The Caribbean Sea Basin is a vast expanse of islands and coasts washed by the Caribbean Sea. It is characterized by a rich and diverse, marine and terrestrial environment and a beautiful tropical climate.

Sailing holidays in Caribbean is an ideal root for yachtsmen looking for blue lagoons, turquoise bottomless waters, white sandy beaches. That’s why the Caribbean Sea is a very popular destination among European tourists, especially in the winter.

There are plenty of Caribbean sailing destinations, that will take you through the hidden gems and beaches, protected coves, tiny villages and little beach bars often unreachable other than by boat. Find your special places, achievable only by boat or yacht. So, may the wind be at your sails, exploring the Caribbean islands:
– St. Vincent and the Grenadines
– Trinidad & Tobago
– Saint Martin & Sint Maarten
– Puerto Rico
– Guadeloupe
– Martinique & Le Marin
– St. Lucia
– Antigua

Experience the beautiful Caribbean Sea as you wish – in comfort and with each your preference! Imaging sailing through crystalline waters, stopping at secluded beaches and islands, hopping ashore for dinner at a local restaurant or having dinner prepared in your yacht. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.