Sailing Holidays in Spain

Sailing Holidays in Spain

Nearly 8000 kilometres of coastline with many different features, including islands, cliffs, coves, unspoilt beaches and urban bays. What’s more? Good winds and pleasant temperatures to go sailing most of the year. If it is sounds great, plan your trip across the sea or spend your sailing holidays in Spain on a sailing boat. To enjoy the sea is so simple! There is no need to own a boat, because bareboat or crewed charter boating is an excellent alternative, which everyone can afford. Hop between the islands or sail along the coast, either on your sailing yacht, catamaran, motor yacht or a mega yacht, and enjoy swimming in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Sailing Holidays in Spain

Historically, the most powerful maritime traditions have the states, lapped by stormy seas and oceans. One of them is Spain. In the oldest days, it was one of the strongest naval powers equally with the queen of the seas – the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, until now sailing in Spain continue to be very popular! In nearly every region of the country there is its own water sports federation, which exposes participants to the annual championship in the possession of the Royal Cup.

Over the past 10 years there was a phenomenal growth of the sailing holidays. Conventionally, Spain can be divided into four sea yacht tourism areas:
– Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean
– Balearic Islands – the islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
– Actually the Spanish coast
– Strait of Gibraltar

Sailing Holidays in SpainClimatic conditions of the Canary Islands can be attributed to the concept of “eternal spring.” This notion, of course, is not true for all the archipelago’s islands. Their climatic features are different. Commonly, the Canaries have not hot summers (about 21-29 degrees Celsius), but comfortable warm winters. The temperature of the Spanish Canary Islands is almost never less than 15 degrees.

At the same time, the climatic conditions of the Balearic Islands Sea allow you to travel any time of the year. Northern wind is blowing mostly in the winter, nevertheless that season is warm. In summer it is a little hotter. The average annual temperature is +20°C. The Balearic Islands are a fascinating sailing destination, having over 300 sunny days. So, sailing here is, in fact, a rewarding experience, particularly for those who are interested in nightlife. E.g., Ibiza is a well-known “Mecca of fun”. Even the Island is so famous for its parties; it is also rich and important historically and culturally, being the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sailing Holidays in SpainWhat about the coast of Spain? The Mediterranean climate allows it to be no less attractive for sailing than the Canary and Balearic Islands, comprising the excellent infrastructure. Marinas are comfortable and evenly distributed along the coast. Additionally, there are plentiful sheltered bays and small fishing ports. However, the availability of charter yachts in comparison to the Spanish Islands is quite small.

Lastly, the Gibraltar marinas are points for cross Atlantic sailors. Regularly they are full. There is also a lot of shipping traffic that leads to the stressful conditions. Although, the windsurfing sport here is exceptionally popular, because of the winds Tarifa, only experienced crews should attempt sailing in the Strait.

Sailing Holidays in SpainFrom tasty tapas to superb seafood and traditional roasts, Spanish food is all about making the most of the best local produce. Is it possible to spend sailing holidays in Spain without tasting anything? Evenings, sipping sangria, feel the vibe of the streets and people’s energy. Admire also so famous Spanish erotic Flamenco music and bull-fights, as well. Esteem the amazing country’s architecture, a plenty of historical sites, rich culture and natural beauty.

Spain to the greatest extent is the perfect location for sailing adventure! Be sure, choosing your sailing holidays in Spain means signing up for the finest way to explore this country. Contact us to learn why your charter holidays is going to be unforgettable experience!