Sailing Holidays in the Caribbean

Sailing Holidays in Caribbean Sea

Sailing Holidays in the Caribbean

Caribbean Islands – a small paradise!
You not only rest here, but feel the whole charm of this heavenly corner of the earth, taking the full from your vacation. You can tirelessly enjoy the bright rays of the sun, incredibly warm and clean sea, while watching idyllic landscapes, as if descended from the pages of magazines. In addition, sailing holidays in the Caribbean Sea will give you the opportunity to dive and discover the magical underwater world of this region. The Caribbean islands have countless bays and anchorages that will allow you to fully enjoy the cruise.
The Caribbean Sea Basin is a vast expanse of islands and coasts washed by the Caribbean Sea.Having a crescent shape, this paradise includes West Indies, the Yucatan peninsula, the eastern coast of Central America, the coasts of Colombia and Venezuela, as well as Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. It extends for about 2500 km from east to west and 1250 km from north to south, thus having an internal area of about 2.5 million km². The Caribbean Sea is connected in the northwest with the Gulf of Mexico via the Yucatán Strait, and also connects with the Pacific Ocean via the Panama Canal. It is characterized by a rich and diverse, marine and terrestrial environment and a beautiful tropical climate. The Caribbean Sea is also a natural crossroads of cultures and traditions of no fewer than twenty different nationalities.

Sailing Holidays in the Caribbean

Navigation conditions in the Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is an ideal place for yachtsmen looking for blue lagoons, turquoise bottomless waters, white sandy beaches. That’s why the Caribbean Sea is a very popular destination among European tourists, especially in the winter. For some sailors this is also a transition, cause passing the Panama Canal they enter the Pacific Ocean.


Sailing Holidays in CaribbeanIn the Caribbean the dry season is from February to June, delivering only an occasional rain shower. From July to January, the wet season brings frequent showers with lots of sunshine and the occasional rainy day. The tropical climate of this region provides favorable temperatures throughout the year, expecting 25°C to 30°C with balmy winds. Squalls produce intense rains and sometimes winds in excess of 40 knots. The winter months, November to March, produce strong Christmas winds. During this time, storms from the north produce swells and may create an unsafe anchorage, so be prepared to move to a safer location. In June, the winds diminish and clock to the southeast at 10 to 15 knots.

Best sailing holidays in Caribbean Sea and charter destinations there

There are plenty of Caribbean charter destinations, that will take you through the hidden gems and beaches, protected coves, tiny villages and little beach bars often unreachable other than by boat. Find your special places, achievable only by boat or yacht. So, may the wind be at your sails, exploring the Caribbean islands!

Planning your charter?

Sailing holidays in Caribbean are going to be incredible if they are well planned. Firstly you need to decide how many islands are you going to hop given your time frame. The next step is to determine which island would be your base; then you can plan an itinerary for the week(s), taking into consideration distances between islands and factoring in activities like island exploration, scuba diving, snorkeling, volcano hiking and shopping. Not the less important is the following step – to choose your crew members. Finally, the last step is to rent whether a sailing yacht, boat, catamaran, motor yacht or a mega yacht, and to enjoy sailing charter through the Caribbean.

Experience the beautiful Caribbean Sea as you wish – in comfort and with each your preference! Imaging sailing through crystalline waters, stopping at secluded beaches and islands, hopping ashore for dinner at a local restaurant or having dinner prepared in your yacht. If you still have any questions about sailing holidays in Caribbean Sea, do not hesitate to contact us.